12 sets of electrical precision screw sets

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Security workgroup set for electronic devices. The number of precision screwdriver sets for electricians is 12. The tool is equipped with 6x electrician screwdriver and 6x precision screwdriver.

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Looking for a versatile tool set for digging electrical appliances and precision parts? This tool set makes that possible. The tool kit includes screwdrivers for electrical appliances and precision screwdrivers. The tool set comes in a luxurious soft module in which the screwdrivers fit perfectly. You can see in one storage which screwdriver you are missing and which you need. The tool module fits snugly into sky hammer tool trolleys. Get started today and complete your workshop with this screwdriver set.

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The 12-piece electric and precision screwdriver set includes:
Insulated screwdrivers: SL5.5x125 mm, PH2x100 mm, PH1x100 mm, SL4x100 mm, PH0x75mm, SL3x75 mm
Precision screwdrivers: PH0x50 mm, PH00x50 mm, PH000x50 mm, SL3.0x50 mm, SL2.4x50 mm, SL2.0x50 mm

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