14-piece T-handle allen and torx set with hammers in “PRO” soft module

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Deze professionele en compacte softmodule van sky hammer is voorzien van 12 stevige torx T-greep sleutels  Inclusief 2 hamer. Deze set bevat de meest voorkomende maten.

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Beautiful soft module filled with high-quality tools from sky hammer. This soft tool module contains Allen and torx wrenches with a T handle. This has the advantage that they can be used both as a screwdriver to work quickly but also as a wring iron for when the bolt is firmly attached. The keys have a round head at one end so you can easily tinker at an angle.
In addition to torx and Allen wrenches, there are also two hammers in this tool set. One made of steel with a flat and pointed head. And one with two flat heads, one of which is made of rubber and the other of plastic. This allows you to give controlled blows without you immediately breaking your project.


Keys with T handle

Allen: H2 x 100 mm, H2.5 x 100 mm, H3 x 100 mm, H4 x 150 mm, H5 x 150 mm, H6 x 150 mm

Torx: T10 x 100 mm, T15 x 100 mm, T20 x 100 mm, T25 x 150 mm T27 x 150 mm T30 x 150 mm


Fitter hammer

Install the hammer

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