Eva pliers 2 sets

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Very practical pliers set with pliers and multi-purpose pump pliers. This kit is mounted on a luxurious Eva liner, perfect for your tool car.

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With this handy soft module, you can always have a ring or open end wrench of the right size. In soft foam, the wrench is well protected and always in order. The size of the wrench is shown on the Eva module. This way you can see at a glance which specification you need.

Ring wrenches and open wrenches are made of chromium-vanadium alloy. This makes the wrench set very strong! Wrenches are straight, so they can clamp nuts or bolts on the flat side (not the corner). This ensures that the force you apply is better distributed on the nut or bolt and is not damaged. The ring wrench is slightly bent relative to the handle. This ergonomic shape works well and also makes recessed bolts easy to use.

This complete toolset includes:

The screwdriver

Ring wrench:

7mm    8mm     9mm    10mm   11mm   12mm   13mm   14mm   15mm   16mm   17mm   18mm   19mm   20mm   21mm   22mm   24mm   27mm   30mm

Double wrench:

8 & 10 mm    10 & 12mm      12 & 14mm       14 & 17mm        17 and 19 millimeters        19 and 22 millimeters        22 and 24 mm        25 and 28 mm

Double ring wrench:

6 & 7mm      8 & 10 mm      10 & 12mm        12 & 14mm        14 & 17mm         16 and 18 mm          19 and 21 mm          20 & 22mm        22 and 24 mm

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