154 aluminum case with Eva tool set cover

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Sky Hammer Tools This professional and complete toolbox is a must for every mechanic and handyman. Great for studios, but also handy for carry-on travel in a caravan, camper, boat or car.

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This two-storey box contains all the basic hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and Allen wrenches. It also has some special extras such as handy level, hacksaw and crimping tool/cable stripper. It also contains a set of wrenches, a knife and a hammer: perfect for everyday tasks inside and outside the home. But this one is also perfect for a caravan or boat. Quickly tighten bolts or replace parts; With this toolbox, all of this is possible. A ratchet bit holder with a bit set completes the set. The straps in the suitcase are elastic and made of Velcro. This suitcase is the perfect gift!


Flat-head screwdriver SL6x100 mm

Flat-head screwdriver SL5x75mm

Phillips screwdriver PH2x100 mm

Phillips screwdriver PH1x75mm

Flat-head screwdriver

Tongs and scissors


Long nose pliers

Water pump pliers



An 8 piece open ring wrench set sizes 8 to 19

Inner hexagon wrench sizes 1.5 to 10

Crimping tool/wire stripper with accessories

Cable shoes

The knife

Ratchet bit support

The bit is set to 30 bits


Precision screwdriver set

The hammer

A tape measure

Large rattle

Long extension

16 mm long cap

Long cap 21 mm

The knee joint

T a

Small rattle

Long extension

Short extension

The knee joint

Small T-shirt

socket sets 4 to 30

EVA (vinyl acetate) material soft, flexible, uv resistance, weather resistance, insulation, lightweight, durable. It is more effective and durable than PVC or rubber. EVA is suitable for indoor and outdoor materials such as toys, soles, solid tires, sports MATS, etc. Because the inside and outside have the same properties, the material always remains the same strong and waterproof quality.

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