• How Does a Level Ruler Work?

    what is a level ruler? It is a measuring instrument that uses the principle of liquid level to display the angular displacement with a level bubble, and measures the deviation degree of the relative horizontal position, vertical position and inclined position of the measured surface. The level ru...
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  • There are so many types of pliers! Do you know how to use them?

    Pliers are a hand tool used to clamp and fix workpieces or to twist, bend, and cut wires. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped, and usually includes three parts: handle, pliers jaw and pliers mouth. The pliers handle is designed according to the principles of ergonomics for a safer and more comfo...
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  • Common wrench types and their functions

    A wrench is a common tool used to remove and install threaded couplings (bolts, nuts), and it is also one of the most popular products in the mro mall. Due to the differences in the specific structure, location and force strength of the threaded connection, there are many types of wrenches. Here ...
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  • What Is A Wrench

    ratchet wrench Also known as socket wrench, is a professional manual tightening tool. The head of the ratchet wrench is installed with a square shaft that can connect with the socket. Rotate the bolt or nut in narrow place or inaccessible position. For loosening and tightening, the movable trigge...
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  • Your essential measuring tool

    Measuring tape is mainly composed of eight parts: shell, ruler bar, brake, ruler hook, lift belt, ruler spring, anti-fall protective sleeve and labeling. The specific functions are as follows: 1. Shell: ABS new plastic, shiny appearance; Resistant to fall, wear and deformation. 2, ruler: the thi...
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  • Happy National Day from Sky Hammer!

    Dear customers and friends from all walks of life: We are approaching the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. 73 years, 73 years of great changes in China, the Chinese dragon once again stand in the East of the world! The whole family, every holiday times! Wh...
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  • In those years, I didn’t know about screwdrivers

    A screwdriver is a very common hardware tool in daily life. It is also a tool used to turn a screw to force it into position. It usually has a thin wedge head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head. Screwdriver according to different head type can be divided into a word, cr...
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  • Talk about the tool — the Allen wrench

    The Allen wrench is also called the Allen wrench. Common English names are “Allen key” and “Hex key” (or Hex wrench). A tool for driving bolts and screws with internal hexagonal heads. It exerts force on the screw through torque, greatly reducing the strength of the user. ...
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  • What are the most commonly used tools you have at home?

    Hardware tools are very useful,There are many kinds of it. It is not only the professional areas such as mechanical maintenance, it is widely used in machinery, home clothing, steam repair, etc., and the ordinary families often use large and small hardware tools. Today, I’ll talk to you abo...
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  • What do you know about everyday hammers?

    A hammer is a tool that strikes an object to make it move or deform. It is most commonly used to hammer nails, correct or break things open. Hammers come in various forms. The most common form is a handle and a top. There are various categories of hammers, which can be basically divided into the ...
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  • Why does the saw blade have thickness ~

    The sawtooth Hacksaw blades are divided into coarse teeth (1.8mm), medium teeth (1.4mm) and fine teeth (1.1mm). The choice of the thickness of the sawtooth should be based on the thickness of the sawing material and the hardness of the material to decide.Coarse tooth saw blades are used for cutt...
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  • How to use the screwdriver to save labor and make it more durable

    How to use the screwdriver to save labor and make it more durable

    A screwdriver is a common tool used to turn a screw into place, usually with a thin wedge-shaped head that fits into a slot or notch in the head of the screw. There are mainly flat head (minus sign) and cross (positive sign). There are also common hexagon screwdrivers, including inner hexagon and...
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